How Music Education and Reading Can Enrich Your Children’s Lives

The school year is just about over, which means that it is time to start planning your child’s summer activities. While children need some leisure time, you may also be worried about them experiencing learning loss over the next few months. Fortunately, you have options for exposing your child to music and books at Lynn Valley Shopping Centre to enrich their lives.

Expand Your Child’s Vocabulary

Reading books together is a great way to bond, and your child gains valuable skills every time you crack open a cover. Book stores North Vancouver families visit such as Forest Fairy Books and Toys are filled with age-appropriate readers that expose your child to new vocabulary in fun and exciting ways. Giving your child a head start on their vocabulary development prepares them for the upcoming school year. Plus, children with strong vocabularies can better express their emotions, which helps them maintain good behavior when they return to school.

Set Your Child Up for Reading Success

Reading is a skill that builds over time. The most successful readers are those who find it entertaining to open a book. When you visit the Lynn Valley Shopping Centre, take a moment to drop into the bookstore. There, you can let your child explore to find books that pique their interest. You can also ask one of the shop’s team members to help you locate books that focus on specific skills, such as alliteration or phonological awareness.

Build New Neural Connections In the Brain

In addition to reading, you can check out music stores North Vancouver parents love such as Musicworks Canada to find everything you need to help your child learn how to play an instrument or sing their favorite songs. Learning musical skills helps to create new neural connections within your child’s brain that stimulate their ability to retain new information.

Support Greater Emotional Wellbeing

Summer activities for kids should also help them to relax and feel confident about their growing abilities. Both reading and playing an instrument are great strategies for improving mental wellness. Your child will also feel less stress as they prepare to return to school when they’ve been able to retain and strengthen their academic skills over the summer months.

With the summer months stretching out before you, now is the perfect time to start planning music and reading activities that keep your child’s brain and spirit engaged. Make sure to drop by Lynn Valley Shopping Centre throughout the season, where you can explore Musicworks Canada and Forest Fairy Books and Toys to spark your child’s love for learning.