Fun and Fresh Easter Shopping at Lynn Valley Centre

Easter formally bids winter goodbye even if the weather remains a bit chilly. The season provides a beautiful excuse to treat yourself to something new or plan a safe family get together. Lynn Valley Centre has specialty goods and services perfect for updating your style or connecting with friends and loved ones.

Lynn Valley Nail Salon

You may have spent more time at home than usual this winter and are now looking a little rough around the edges. A fresh nail design with a spring theme is just the right thing to get you excited about the year ahead. A bit of waxing will help you feel glamorous again.


Want to send a thank you card to the person who brought you soup when you were sick? Need some cute Easter decorations? Hallmark at Lynn Valley has an amazing selection of greeting cards for all occasions plus many charming gifts for the special people in your life.


For many people, Easter is a meaningful religious holiday and a time to indulge in special foods, including chocolate. Whether you plan to fill Easter baskets or place a box of chocolates on your holiday buffet, Purdy’s has a top-notch reputation as a chocolatier in North Vancouver and throughout Canada. The family-owned company crafts exceptional chocolates from 100% sustainable cocoa.

Lynn Valley Shoe Repair

Is your favourite pair of dress shoes in need of attention before Easter? You can trust our shoe repair experts to restore your finest shoes and boots. There’s no need to give up a beautiful leather item over a broken zipper, loose sole, or a few broken stitches. Lynn Valley Shoe Repair can perform high-quality repairs on all leather items, including jackets, purses and luggage.

A & W

You have permission to consider your A & W meal your own personal Easter basket. Indulge in a root beer float by yourself or invite a friend to join you. The history of A & W goes back a century, and it has evolved into a beloved source of root beer floats, wonderful burgers, and breakfast sandwiches throughout North America.

Westlynn Bakery

Freshly baked bread, buns, sweet breads, bagels, and tarts from Westlynn Bakery will take your Easter meal to the next level. All products are handmade from scratch and feature the finest ingredients. The baked goods at the supermarket will never tempt you again after you’ve had Westlynn Bakery’s famous artisan breads.