Food Shops at Lynn Valley Centre Inspire Healthy Back to School Lunches

College students, parents and children have new circumstances to deal with this back to school season, but one thing has remained constant— everyone still needs lunch.

Strong immune system depends on a good diet, and healthy lunches promote daylong energy and mental acuity. The food shops at Lynn Valley Centre offer a variety of nutritious and delicious foods that can keep your lunch fresh and interesting when you take a break from classes.

Kin’s Farm Market

Fruits and vegetables round out healthy lunches, and Kin’s Farm Market brings specialty and local produce to North Vancouver. Adding apples, berries, carrots, bananas or celery to your lunch takes almost no effort but rewards you with nutrients and great flavours.


At Lynn Valley Centre, you can enjoy the convenience of a fully stocked supermarket. Stock up on bread, meats, cheese, fresh produce, peanut butter, crackers and beverages so that you can prepare lunches the whole week through. Save-on-Foods has plenty of healthy choices, like cauliflower chips, lean meats and almond milk.

Westlynn Meats and Seafood

Locally raised meat and fresh seafood from nearby coastal waters are easier to include in your back to school lunch menus than you might have imagined. Prepare a roast for dinner and then slice the leftover meat for sandwiches the next day. Enjoy a salmon dinner and then mix up some tasty salmon salad with the leftovers. A sandwich made with grass-fed meats and sustainably harvested seafood adds a bit of fanciness to your lunch break.

Westlynn Bakery

Bread made from scratch and lovingly kneaded and allowed to rise forms the foundation of the perfect sandwich. Westlynn Bakery excels at bread and pastry preparation. You can stock up for the week on bread and rolls. This is also the place to indulge in pies, doughnuts and cookies because, in all honesty, everyone needs a treat during the school week sometimes.

With back to school upon us, it’s time to settle into a new routine. Students, teachers and busy parents can shop conveniently for high-quality foods at Lynn Valley Centre. The exciting foods sold by our shops will inspire you to make healthy lunches instead of leaning on fast foods or candy bars.