5 recipes for Thanksgiving dinner that will wow your guests

Thanksgiving is filled with tradition, but it also presents an ideal opportunity to bring something new to the table each year. The holiday offers the most opportune time to try out new meals for both cooking and eating.

As you visit the shops at Lynn Valley Centre, keep these recipe ideas in mind so you can purchase the proper supplies.

1. Ground sausage stuffing

Visit the Westlynn Meats and Seafood LTD. to browse their selection of freshly ground sausage. Purchase around a pound of a sausage flavour you enjoy. Brown the sausage in a frying pan over medium heat until it’s cooked through, and drain the excess fat.

Break the sausage down into small crumbles. Mix the sausage with your favourite stuffing recipe. The spices and flavours will really come through on the stuffing, and it pairs well with a cranberry sauce.

2. Creamy Mexican corn

Instead of just a bowl of plain corn, you can put together a creamy Mexican corn dish. Heat up around 4 ounces of cream cheese in a pan with four tablespoons of butter. Mix in some corn and diced green peppers.

Move everything into a small baking dish and add some shredded cheese on top. Bake at 350 degrees for twenty minutes and then serve warm. Purchase fresh corn and peppers from Kin’s Farm Market for the best results.

3. Bread bowl appetizers

If you have appetizers like soup or dip, you can immediately transform their visuals and flavors with a bread bowl. Purchase small buns from Westlynn Bakery and cut out the centers to create small hollow bowls. Guests can enjoy the appetizer and then eat all of the bread on the outside.

4. Sweet bread gravy dippers

Westlynn Bakery also offers a variety of sweet breads. You can cut the loaves of sweet bread into strips and offer them as gravy dippers for any extra gravy you have with the meal. The quick snack is a nice way to hold people over until the main course is served.

5. Pepper jack crescent rolls

Crescent rolls are a staple at many Thanksgiving dinners, and you can upgrade your rolls with the use of fresh pepper jack cheese. Sprinkle on shredded pepper jack cheese, or use small slices and roll them right into the crescent rolls. As the rolls bake, the cheese will melt and create just the right amount of spice.

Try one or more of these recipes as you plan your Thanksgiving celebration.