H&R Block Tax Preparation Now Available at Lynn Valley Centre

Shopping at Lynn Valley Centre with your tax refund will be easier in 2020 because H&R Block has opened an office this tax season at our location. With a tax preparer near your favourite shops, you can drop off your records and receipts while you take care of other errands.

Talk to a Tax Preparer In Person

You don’t have to puzzle out the answers to difficult tax questions on your own when you visit the Lynn Valley Centre H&R Block office. The company’s tax preparers update their knowledge every year so that they can determine how the tax code applies to your situation.

Maybe your income or sources of income changed this year, and you’re uncertain how to approach your tax filing. A tax preparer is available to guide you through the process and review your filings before submitting them to the government.

Easy Drop Off Service

If you don’t need to consult a tax preparer directly, then organize your records and simply drop them off at the office. A tax preparer will take care of the rest.

Get a Second Look at Old Returns

You can ask a tax preparer to evaluate up to three previous returns. This second look could reveal missed opportunities for a refund.

Flexible Refund and Payment Options

Whether you need to pay or expect a tax refund, H&R Block can manage the process with the least hassle for you. Qualifying taxpayers can even get an Instant Refund (TM), and you can go shopping right away.

No Need to Procrastinate This Tax Season

You don’t need to struggle through tax forms on your own at home now that H&R Block has joined our vendors this tax season. A tax preparer who knows how to limit your tax bill and help you get a refund is waiting to serve you.

Gather your financial records and head over to Lynn Valley Centre to visit our array of shops, and take advantage of this opportunity to check “file my taxes” off of your to-do list.