ADD your own personalized Greeting!

Lynn Valley Centre is all decorated for the Spring season and we have added a very special photographic setting to prepare for MOTHER’S DAY too.

One day only on Saturday, May 7 between 10am and 4pm, come to the unique installation of a photo-friendly Mother’s Day set located on the Mezzanine level by Romance Jewellers & Westlynn Bakery.   A professional photographer will take a photo of you and if you bring friends and family and kids, plus you can write your own personal greeting to add onto the digital Mother’s Day frame.  Your photo will also be uploaded online for you to retrieve and we also instantly print your photo postcard to take with you to give as a gift for Mother’s Day.

You can write your own GREETING on the Digital/Printed Frame.

Whatever you would like to say, create your own unique sentiment and name someone special and we can ADD it to your digital photograph frame.  You get your printed copy and you can also download your digital copy from the Giggle Booth online gallery.

IT’S ALL FREE FOR YOU…..Celebrating Mother’s Day and more.  No purchase necessary.  Come to Lynn Valley Centre on Saturday, May 7th from 10am-4pm and gather around the large plush floral armchair.   We will take your photograph and you personalize it for someone special.  We print either portrait 4×6” or landscape 6×4” with a pretty digital frame in just a few minutes and you take it with you.

Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy your printed photo available Saturday, May 7th.