5 Fun Things to Do This Easter with Your Family in North Vancouver

With Easter just around the corner, a little planning can make your holiday that much more fun! If you’re wondering what to do with your family this Easter, check out these five fun things you can do in North Vancouver.

1. Chocolate egg painting

What’s more fun than painting Easter eggs? Painting a delicious chocolate egg that you can eat afterward! Chocolatiers, including Purdy’s, are busy this Easter season preparing delicious chocolate treats. With all-edible materials, you and your family can paint unique, artistic and delicious Easter eggs. Your family can also get inspired to make creative eggs that you can enjoy eating or give as gifts!

2. Create felted Easter eggs and bunnies

For those artistic and crafty hands in your family, creating felted Easter eggs and bunnies is an adorable way to spend the holiday. You can choose from various types of wool and threads to sew together your stuffed creations. These memorable pieces can be gifted or stay in the family for generations. It is a great way to let your family’s creativity flow while doing an activity that puts some skills to the test.

3. Spice up an Easter egg hunt

Easter wouldn’t be complete without an egg hunt. To add an exciting twist to this traditional Easter Sunday game, try the Egg Popper Tree idea. It is a creative game for all ages that takes the traditional game concept off the ground and hangs it up in the trees. Hunters will find eggs wrapped in colourful paper hanging from a string on tree branches. They’ll be able to pull on the strings to make the eggs pop open and reveal the delicious candy inside.

4. Shop for Easter goodies and make a festive gathering at home

For an intimate Easter at home with your family, you can shop for decorations, costumes, toys and delicious foods at Lynn Valley Centre, where you will find all the shops you can imagine to make your Easter a very special one. Enjoy the shops and restaurants in a beautiful atmosphere inspired by nature. Once you return home, you can make a special Easter-themed dinner and dessert.

5. Enjoy the outdoors at Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge

Take a historic hike with your family for an Easter celebration at Lynn Canyon Park. Its history dates back to 1912, making it a great educational opportunity for your kids. The main attraction is the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, which stands 50 meters above the ground. It is part of the Baden Powell Trail, where your family can enjoy a relaxing hike. Don’t forget to grab and pack some snacks and trail mixes from Save-on-Foods or Kin’s Farm Market too!