Customer Profile

Primary Trade Area

  • The extended market trade area is defined as the North Vancouver region between Deep Cove at Burrard Inlet extending west to the Capilano River, including several villages such as Deep Cove, Lynn Valley and Edgemont
  • Current population of North Vancouver, both City and District is 127,727
  • The average household income is $86,705 in the District, $54,193 in City
  • 29,749 households in the District and 21,348 in the City
  • Approximately three quarters of the mall’s shoppers (72%) live in the defined primary trade area, within 3 miles (as reported in 2001 research stats)
  • The immediate local area comprises postal codes V7J, V7K, V7L, V7N
  • Median age of market area population is 41.7 years old
  • Highly established family community with a large number of single family homes with children at home
  • Highly educated sub-region within Metro Vancouver and a substantial proportion of working adults age 25-49

 Secondary Trade Area

  • The secondary trade area is defined as the remainder of North Vancouver City and District, including segments of North Vancouver west (Capilano) and east (Seymour Arm), extending beyond a 3-mile radius from the centre
  • This area comprises postal codes V7G, V7H, V7M, V7P V7R, with a total of 28,728 homes (2001 research stats)

Age of Shoppers

  • Lynn Valley attracts relatively fewer young people with only 8% in the under 18 group and 12% between the ages of 18 and 24. Just slightly more, (14%) were aged 25 to 34
  • The age group with the largest representation is 35 to 44 year-old individuals (23% of all shoppers)
  • 75% of Lynn Valley Centre shoppers are female while only 25% are male
  • 14% of shoppers are 25-34
  • 16% of shoppers are 45-54
  • 26% of shoppers are 55 years

Frequency of Shopping

Just over one-half of the people included in the survey 53% came to the mall multiple times per week. An additional one-quarter shopped here once a week. In total, 79% were at the centre once a week or more, compared with 52% of those from beyond this area. Frequency did not differ based on gender
• There was a relationship between the frequency and age. Generally, as the age of the shopped increased, the frequency of visiting Lynn Valley increased. Within the age group of 35 to 44; 57% came to Lynn Valley multiple times per week, 27% came once per week.
• Visiting two or more times per week:
- 50% of shoppers are 45-54 years old
- 60% of shoppers are 55-64 years old
- 68% are over 65 years old

Use of Stores
• 50% of shoppers are drawn to the centre by Winners and this is the only category (department stores) that drew shoppers from outside the immediate area.

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